It seems as though it should be common sense, but police in Niagara Falls are urging people not to leave running vehicles unattended.

The warning comes after a surge of vehicle thefts.

It seems innocent enough.  You just have to run into the post office or the grocery store.  You won't be long.  So you hop out of your vehicle and leave it running.  This could be dangerous to the public and could end up with you getting a ticket.

They add that many of the thieves are unlicensed and some are very inexperienced at driving. According to WIVB, one of the people who got caught trying to steal a vehicle was only 14 years old.  This could create a danger to the public.

"A two-ton vehicle being operated on the public roadways by someone with little or no driving experience, while knowing that they just committed a crime, presents a clear danger to other motorists and pedestrians,"

--Niagara Falls police

While it's always a good idea to keep your vehicle locked and your keys on you, police could start to ticket people who leave their vehicles while they are still running as it is a violation of vehicle and traffic laws.


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