If you're like me, you just read that headline and said, "Are you kidding me??"  People really still try this?

It's true.  According to WIVB-TV, a man from Pennsylvania tried to take a flight from Buffalo to Pensacola with a loaded .38-caliber pistol in his carry-on bag.

He didn't even put it in his checked luggage! Obviously the man was detained and questioned and didn't make his flight.

This blows me away. I still refrain from packing any liquid in my bags when I fly because I'm afraid I'll get in trouble for it, and this guy has a loaded handgun?  Let me be clear here, too: It's not that he carries a gun that makes him crazy.  I believe in the Second Amendment.  What makes him crazy is that he decided to try to carry it on a plane!  This is why I don't like to fly.  It's not the transportation that scares me.  It's the crazy people that might be sitting next to me on it!