You may have heard the strange story about a man who died after going over the falls in a daredevil stunt.  It got even stranger when we heard what he may have taken with him.

The man's name was Kirk Jones and he had previously survived a fall from the world wonder after he jumped a baricade in an apparent suicide attempt.

This most recent stunt however had been planned for quite some time.  Jones went over the Falls in an 8 foot plastic ball with a zippered hatch.  According to police, they found a website that showed he put some thought into it (that has since been taken down).

It's unfortunate that the man didn't make it.  It's also unfortunate that he decided to take his pet snake with him.

According to Fox News, the website that Jones had, had "Believe in the Impossible Kirk Jones + Misty Conquer Niagara Falls NY 2017," written on it.

Misty was the name of Jones' 7 foot long boa constrictor.  Authorities believe he took the snake with him over the falls even though she hasn't been found.  They did find an empty cage in the van that he drove to Niagara Falls.

However, even if the snake had survived the fall, pet experts believe that she wouldn't have survived the cold water.

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