Well, we are not done with the snow just yet here in Western New York. We could see anywhere between 1-6 inches of snow across the area.

According to WIVB's meteorologist, Mike Cejka snow is expected across the area today through Monday and over that time most of Western New York will get a couple of inches of the white stuff.

Most of the heavier snow will be in the southern part of Western New York with Springville Arcade, and Eden is expected to get the brunt of this latest snowstorm.

Now that we know that the snow is coming back, there are some things you can plan on doing this weekend to keep you busy and keep you warm.

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Check out 6 Very Buffalo things you can do during a March snowstorm.

1. Hold Your Own Wing Eating Contest - Grab some wings from your favorite places like Anchor Bar, Duffs, or LA Nova and get a vat of blue cheese and see how many wings you can down. Please..No Ranch!

Getty Images
Getty Images

2. Re-watch the Bills Super Bowl run during the early 90s - Now that Bills mafia has a taste for winning. Let's show the younger members that the Bills used to win a lot during the early 90s. They went to 4 straight Super Bowls. Grab some tape and rewatch history.

Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
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3. Make some homemade Pierogis - Easter and Dyngus Day is on the way so why not spend a snowy afternoon making some homemade polish goodies. Your house will smell awesome and your belly will be full.

Make some homemade Pierogis
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM2021

4. Chill out with some TV shows and movies based in Buffalo - Buffalo has been used as a backdrop for a lot of TV shows and movies. From Bruce Almighty to Jessie, check out some Buffalo-based programs.

Chill out with some programs based in Buffalo
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5. Check out The Snow At Niagara Fall - We have one of the 7th Natural Wonders in the world in our own backyard. Most of us have been there during Spring and Summer. Now you can check it out when it is covered in snow.


6. Make some Hot Chocolate Bombs - Relive the Winter with Hot chocolate bombs. To make hot chocolate bombs you'll need a silicone circle mold, high-quality bar chocolate (ideally 65% cacao or higher), mini marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, sprinkles, a sharp knife, candy thermometer, and food-safe brush.

Hot Chocolate Bombs: What You'll Need
Credit: TSM Media

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