The winter season has gotten a dry and warmer lately. It's been a very unusual winter.

It started out with a couple huge snowstorms for some in New York state. A lake effect snowstorm off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in mid-November, which dumped over six feet of snow on parts of Buffalo. Then the famous Christmas weekend blizzard, which shut down areas off both lakes and slammed Buffalo with a few more feet of snow.

Since January, it's been rather quiet and even though we have the threat of some snow during the middle of next week, we look to get through February unscathed with a huge snowstorm.

However, March won't be the start of warmer weather in New York this year.

AccuWeather is watching the potential for a polar vortex weather pattern to creep down to the northeast in March, which includes New York. In fact, there's the chance the cold and snow pattern continues all the way into April.

Forecasters urge there would be a back-and-forth in temperatures. It could briefly warm up and then we get slammed with cold and snow in March or even April.

Most of the major cities in New York and the northeast are below average for snowfall totals this winter, except for Buffalo, which is about 50 inches above normal because of the winter.

Despite the snowy November and December for those off the lakes, the last six weeks have been relatively easy for New York state in terms of winter weather. We're technically "due" for a colder pattern and another snowstorm; unfortunately, that may come in the month of March, when people start looking forward to springtime weather.

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