It may be hard to believe, but Maren Morris and her fellow musician husband Ryan Hurd said "I do" one year ago on March 24, 2018. The couple, although quite busy with their respective schedules, took time out to acknowledge the special date and let each other know how much they mean to each other.

Both posted similar black-and-white shots to social media with heartfelt messages. Morris selected a photo of the two gazing into each others' eyes, and wrote, "I wouldn't mind doing this, say, 60 more times around the sun with you. happy 1 year, my love."

Meanwhile Hurd chose a shot of the two kissing, and added, "Best thing that’s ever happened to me. Best year of my life. I love you, MM. I tell you over and over, but you’ll still never know how much. Happy 1 year!"

The couple met in Nashville when they were both young songwriters just starting out, eventually wedding in Nashville on March 24, 2018. Morris has served as Hurd's muse many times musically—in fact the joke in Nashville is that "that if you're writing a song with Ryan you’re writing a song about Maren. A primo example of this is the depiction of their transition from friends and colleagues to romantic partners, as detailed in Hurd's single "Love in a Bar."

Morris also acknowledges Hurd's influence on her songwriting, noting that her recently released sophomore album, Girl, has a lot of him in it—most specifically, a lighter feel to her writing due to finding someone who truly understands her.

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