Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have only been married for two years, but they are one of country music's most admired couples.

The country artists met in Nashville's music scene when they were both young songwriters just starting out. In fact, their transition from friends and colleagues to romantic partners inspired Hurd's single "Love in a Bar."

“[‘Love in a Bar’] is very much an autobiographical song about my relationship with Maren,” Hurd tells People. “I met Maren writing songs and I met her when I was starting to have success. We wrote ‘Last Turn Home,’ that Tim McGraw recorded, and we would write and then after we’d go over to a bar in Midtown and have a couple beers. That’s when we started making a real connection, beyond a creative partnership."

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The couple wed in Nashville on March 24, 2018, and she's served as his muse many times since then; so much so, in fact, that the joke in Nashville is that "that if you're writing a song with Ryan you’re writing a song about Maren."

That goes both ways. Morris says her marriage to Hurd was one the biggest influences on her sophomore album, Girl.

“I feel like the last two years, after touring and growing up a bit more — and obviously I’ve found somebody that understands me now, and have fallen in love and gotten married — my [perspective on] songwriting is just a little different. It’s a little lighter than it was the first time around!” she tells Billboard with a laugh, adding, "I’m not quite as bitter."

One day before their second anniversary, on March 23, 2020, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son they named Hayes Andrew Hurd.

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