The 2017 hunting season will be one to remember for a man from North Java, NY! This was the first season that bear hunting was allowed in Letchworth State Park and it appears that it was very successful.

Although much of New York State allows for hunting bears when the proper season comes around, it has not been allowed inside of Letchworth until this year. It payed off for Matt Sphar on the final day of the season.

In a story posted on

The bear, a male, was between 300 to 400 lbs. and measured 80” in length. He would have been more than six feet tall when standing.

This year the DEC had introduced hunting in the park to help keep bear population numbers regulated.

I have been hunting for 26 years and have never seen a bear in the woods when I am hunting. We get a few pictures on trail cameras here and there and occasionally WYRK will get a few photos of bear taken during hunting season on our WYRK Adventure Wall. But nothing of this size!


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