The forecast is calling for snow in some locations in New York State. However, for others, there is a large drought that is in place. For those in need, water will be available this week.

The issue with the dry conditions this time of the year is that in some of these towns, homes depend on wells for water and they are dry and pumps can't get enough water to make a difference.

Lake effect snow is coming for portions of New York State but even the melting snow will not be enough in the short term to make a difference.

Take a peek at the map and notice that there is a need for rain in some locations as a moderate drought seems to be underway.

There are 5, nearly 6, counties in New York State that are in a moderate and one in a severe drought. Orleans, Monroe,Genesee, Livingston and a portion of Allegany Counties are all in the moderate range and there does not seem to be much relief in sight.

Wyoming County

For those who need water, certain towns and municipalities are providing it this week.

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