The month of November is already halfway over and last year at this point, portions of New York State were bracing for a big snow fall. It is amazing what a year can do as things are much different in 2023.

Do you remember the last time it rained? When was the last time we had a significant rainfall? In the month of October, the first two weekends were wet and we had some rain on Halloween. However, it seems to have been a drop in the proverbial bucket as the New York State drought map indicates.

Take a peek at the map and notice that there is a need for rain in some locations as a moderate drought seems to be underway.

There are 5, nearly 6, counties in New York State that are in a moderate and one in a severe drought. Orleans, Monroe,Genesee, Livingston and a portion of Allegany Counties are all in the moderate range and there does not seem to be much relief in sight.

Wyoming County

For those who live in a home that uses a well for water, things are getting a little dicey. Try to shower or wash clothes may be tough if there is not much water in the ground to refresh the well fast enough or at all.

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