It was a busy night for firefighters in Elma, New York as they were called to battle a blaze that ripped through a garage.

The heat and humidity will be firing up again this week after a record setting day this past Monday! By Thursday afternoon the heat index will be well in to the 90s.

Shout out to all first responders for their work on Independence Day and in the excessive heat! This fire was reported just before midnight on Tuesday.

The heat and humidity of the summer are here. If you live in a home or apartment without any air conditioning, I feel sorry for you. The humidity this past weekend was nothing short of oppressive and it will continue this week with many in New York State getting ready for high temperatures in the 90s.

As far as the rest of the globe and the world, the heat has been fired up as well. While some are laughing at the thought of global warming being a crisis, the numbers are in and they are hot!

According to a report from The Hill:

On July 3, the average global air temperature 2 meters above the planet’s surface reached 62.62 degrees Fahrenheit or 17.01 degrees Celsius, according to the data analyzed by the University of Maine.

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