Officials in New York State have released the results of a statewide crackdown on fake id's and driver's licenses. The summer months are behind us and with them, the memories of some amazing concerts and festivals.

When you were younger, did you try to get in to an event before you were the right age? Or perhaps you wanted to have a few adult beverages at a bar before you turned 21? It has gotten more difficult to make a "fake I.D" here in New York State as the new license cards are very complex.

However, there are some who try to beat the system and police and other law enforcement have been on alert in 2023.

A Massive I.D. Crackdown In New York State

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles says 312 concertgoers and bar customers were cited for trying to use phony identification to purchase alcohol while being below the legal drinking age.

The 2024 concert season is already being announced and there are a bunch of big shows coming to New York State. In fact, one of the biggest stars in country music has revealed a two night stay in Western New York.

Luke Combs will bring his tour to Highmark Stadium, the home of the Buffalo Bills, for two nights in April. April 19th and 20th will be electric as the shows are nearly sold out!

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