There are mountains of snow that have piled up across New York State as winter storm Gerri passed by. The lake effect snow machine has dropped as much as four feet in some areas and the weather is not going to improve for several days!

In New York State, we are used to the severe weather and severe changes in weather. However, it does seem that these storms pack a larger punch these days. But don't worry, the rain and warmer temps are not that far away.

But for now, homeowners in some areas may be concerned about the large pile of snow on their roof. The first instinct is to clean it off and let the roof breath. However, there are some things to watch for.

If you use a long handled roof rake, be sure to watch for power lines! When you are in a rush and not paying attention, coming in to contact with a power line could be a fatal mistake!

The next thing that you want to avoid is pulling up loose shingles or gouging them with the roof rake or shovel. A minor hole could cause a major water problem later.

Under the snow on the roof are multiple vents. These might be for the plumbing or the HVAC and one quick pull of a roof rake can rip them right off and be a costly issue.

The last thing is to be aware of the gutters on the house. The snow can be heavy when you pull it off the roof and while the roof may be cleaned off, the gutters might be buried under the snow.

Be safe and be ready for more snow this week!

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