Going to a yard sale can sometimes be overwhelming. With rows of items at low prices, you may not know where to begin. But there's no need to become flustered and head back to the car! Put your keys away because we have 10 tips for you courtesy of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from The History Channel’s American Pickers.

Now, your next yard sale outing can turn into your own little version of the television show.  You may not be finding big-ticket items, but you may just find that special piece you were looking for.

  1. Get there early! The best items will obviously go earliest in the day. If you get there too late, all that could be left is a broken picture frame and a set of false teeth.
  2. Talk with the owner of the items. Forming a quick relationship could result in a better bargain for you.
  3. Take your time looking around the sale. There is no rush at a yard sale!
  4. Pick up an item right away if you are interested. Yard sale picks are one of a kind, and walking by a special item could be a big mistake.
  5. Focus on items that you know you may buy. This technique allows you to see through the clutter and see only pieces that could turn into purchases. If you have no interest in antique tea cups, move along to the next group of items.
  6. Understand that sometimes things don’t work out. Items sold as-is may not turn out to work, and other items could have unseen flaws.
  7. If you are looking for bigger items, make sure you plan a way to get them home. Nobody wants to have to pass up on a great piece because you brought your Smart Car grandfather clock shopping.
  8. Always have enough cash available. Most times at a yard sale, if you have no cash, you will go home empty-handed.
  9. Try and bundle several items at a lower price. Often, owners will give you the bargain in order to sell more items.
  10. Have a great attitude. If you go in thinking that there is nothing but junk, you may not find that perfect pick!

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Contributed by Megan Ziemianski

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