It has been an incredible year for this Buffalo Bills Linebacker.  First he was named to the All-Pro team, and now he's been invited to the Pro Bowl.

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Huge congratulations is in order for Matt Milano.  He has been invited to play in the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl in place of the injured TJ Watt.

Being invited to play in the NFL Pro Bowl is a huge honor.  There are only so many players that get to go.  And while the game itself has kind of lost it's luster over the past couple of years, the honor is still there.

It's hard to believe that he wasn't initially invited to play in the Pro Bowl in the first place.  He was a first-team all pro and was a monster on the field.

He will be joining Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Jordan Poyer and Mitch Morse who were previously named to this year's roster.

Why Has The Pro Bowl Lost It's Luster?

Football is a dangerous game to play.  For a lot of the players in the Pro Bowl, they don't play at full speed because they don't want to injure themselves or anyone else.  So it's slowed the game down quite a bit and made it a little boring to watch.

They're changing the Pro Bowl

This year, they've changed the way they will be playing the Pro Bowl again, and I kind of like the idea. Instead of playing full tackle (and doing it half-heartedly), they will instead be playing flag football.

Why The New Format Is A Good Pro Bowl Format

Playing flag football has been criticized by many saying that it's too soft for the NFL.  Here's why it's good.  First of all, if the players aren't going to play full speed (and why would they?) then it's not going to be terribly exciting to watch anyway.  Secondly, that's what many programs are moving to for kids to get them interested in the game.  They start them off with flag football programs to help them learn how to play it, then when they understand how the game works, they start with pads.  That allows the kids to grow up (mentally and physically) a little before just putting them out there to pound on each other.

Being a dad who has played and loved football all of my life, I definitely think this would have helped my son who was much too little when we got him started.  He didn't even know how to play football before he became a tackling bag for some of the older kids in the game.  Needless to say, he lost interest pretty quickly.

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