It's a shame they don't do things in the NFL like they do in high school yearbooks...if they did, Isaiah McKenzie would probably be the "Class Clown."

This Buffalo Bills team is close.

It feels like it's been years since a team has gotten along as well as this team seems to get along under Sean McDermott.  When McBeane came in with a goal to change the culture at One Bills Drive, I have to admit I was skeptical.  But they seem to have done it.  The Bills really do seem to have more fun than anyone in the league.

Even when it comes to being critical of one another they seem to have fun with it.

Yesterday, the Bills released a video of Isaiah McKenzie "reviewing" the recent ratings that his teammate Stefon Diggs was handed on the most recent "Madden" video game.  Each player is given a number that kind of ranks them with the other players in the NFL and it affects how they play in the game.  Obviously, as a player, you want the number in every category to be high.

Stefon seemed to take it in stride as McKenzie went through each category and either agreed with the number or assigned him one of his own.  But he didn't take it sitting down.  Diggs actually handed out his own thoughts on McKenzie as he was doing it.

If you're going to take anything from this video, it's that they don't take any of this stuff seriously.  It's one of the characteristics of this team that we love so much.  They're fun to watch on and off the field.

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