Last week during the NFL owners' meeting in Florida, several rule changes were discussed and approved by the league's competition committee.

One of the biggest changes was to the overtime rules for the NFL playoffs. With the change, both teams will now have a chance to get the ball on the offensive side. A lot of people have been calling the changes the "Josh Allen Rule".

Many people think the league changed the rule based on the Buffalo Bills' loss to Kansas City in the playoffs. Both teams went back and forth in regulation scoring points and it came down to overtime. The Chiefs scored a touchdown on their opening drive of overtime and based on the rules in place, won the game. That drive never allowed Josh Allen or the Buffalo Bills offense a chance to score in overtime before the game was over.

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With the new changes in the rules, the Buffalo Bills would have had a chance to get their offense on the field and a chance to score and tie up the game.

Of course, many critics of the new proposed overtime rule think that the NFL overreacted to the Bills playoff game and the amount of complaining by Bills Mafia on social media.

Check out this snarky shot one writer for the New York Daily News took at the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia.

The new overtime rule change will go into effect this upcoming season, but let's hope that the Buffalo Bills score way more than they give up and we don't have to worry about overtime and the overtime rules.

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