Now that Spring is here in Western New York and people are excited to fire up their grills, it is time for a Western New York favorite event, The Meat Raffle.

May is full of amazing meat raffles that will help tons of non-profits all across Western New York. Check out all the amazing meat raffles coming up this month according to

If you are new to Western New York or have never been to a meat raffle, this will be one of the most fun nights you will ever have. Basically every round you buy tickets and during the round, the host spins a giant wheel, and if it lands on your number you win meat! Prizes include all different kinds of cuts of meat from beef, chicken, and fish to other items like pizza logs, chicken tenders, and more.

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Most times draft beer and wine is included in your ticket and you are encouraged to bring your own food like pizza or party trays. If you aren't going with a group of people this is a great way to meat "pun intended" new people in the area.

Also if you plan on going, get ready to hoot and holler and have a good time. Plus make sure you bring a cooler just in case you are a big winner and you will be taking lots of meat home with you.

Most times these events also have 50/50 raffles and auctions so bring extra money. You may also want to make sure you have plenty of singles to buy tickets for each and every round.


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