I have lived in North Tonawanda my whole life...

Year after year I read the newspaper and drive around North Tonawanda to look at the fabulous holiday light displays that residents put up this time of the year. Every year North Tonawanda holds a holiday lighting contest and this year my Uncle Jim Nachreiner won the "Clark Griswold Award." He has been putting up these holiday displays for about ten years.

If you don't know who Clark Griswold is, he is the character played by Chevy Chase in "National Lampoon's: Christmas Vacation" who is famous for going "overboard" with his holiday light display. While my uncle Jim did not use "25,000 imported twinkle lights," he does use a variety of lights and holiday figurines, some robotic; including a mailbox that opens and closes automatically and a talking Santa Claus. If you're in the neighborhood in NT check out his house on Cramer Street off Zimmerman Street.

The Tonawanda News had a front page write up on all of the winners in North Tonawanda, check the story out HERE. Congratulations to all of the winners in NT.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!