Someone tell the guy that said “sh*t happens” that he was right.

Residents in a Western New York community have vocalized complaints after stumbling upon quite the mess in their neighborhood. 

Neighbors in North Tonawanda are finally trying to get answers as to why it would be raining poop on their homes, yards, dogs, and friends. 

Near the intersection of Master St. and Alice St., you may find a residue of spots and blemishes in the street and it smells. It appears to be some sort of fecal matter, but whether or not it is human or animal feces is unknown at this time. 

The situation has been ongoing for approximately a month for the affected neighborhoods, and thanks to one neighbor, there is at least some documentation to what has been terrorizing the families who live in these homes in North Tonawanda. 

Resident Gwen Eichler spoke with News 4 on Tuesday, and she took credit for sharing the photos and evidence on Facebook.

Eichler told News 4,When I first put [the photo] up the first time, everybody went ‘What?’ Put it up a second time, ‘You got to be kidding me.’”

For someone who has been dealing with this ongoing situation for most afternoons and evenings over the last month, Eichler seemed pretty collected about the terrible situation. However, she is pushing for some answers, even going as far as contacting the mayor.

The Mayor of the City of North Tonawanda sent a wastewater technician to conduct testing, but according to the mayor, they are unable to confirm if it is animal or human fecal matter. 

Either way, it’s still disgusting. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently looking into the situation and if the cause could be from an overhead plane emptying its on-board waste product at this location. The FAA has not confirmed at this time that the affected area is a “drop zone” for planes and has yet to give an update on the investigation. 

You can see photographic evidence here.

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