When I first saw the headline, I just had to click in. A guy has gotten so good at cracking whips, he can keep the beat of songs!

You have to watch this a couple of times just to make sure that he is actually moving his hands at the correct time. Since the Winter Olympics are going on in South Korea, it's is still summer "down under" and the games are open for whip cracking.

If you have ever tried to crack a whip, you know that the most likely thing to happen is either the whip won't crack or it hits you in the face and leaves a mark.

His name is Nathan Griggs and he has been hailed as the World Champion Whip Cracker! According to the biography on his website:

Nathan Griggs is not only Australias number 1 whip cracking entertainer he is a five time whip cracking Guinness world record holder! Four times for fastest records with both one and two hands and for the longest whip in the world at over 100m long! When it comes to whips you will not find a more inspiring and passionate man.  Nathan is a new breed of Australian whip cracker, and he’s taking the world by storm

Liz Mantel purchased a whip while visiting Australia as a kid. According to her story, "I haven't used it in probably 15-16 years. I most likely have in on display at the house or it's with all my travel things that I have collected."

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