The big day is almost here! Christmas is coming in less than three weeks and even though the rush is on, you still have time to get things done and if everything goes your way this week, you may have plenty of cash for all of it!

As we get ready for the end of the year, perhaps you have already made a few resolutions? The most popular always seem to be to lose weight, quite smoking and save money! Saving money has been tough these days since the price of everything has gone nuts and the interest rates are making things even more difficult for families. But there is good news for those feeling lucky!

There was NO WINNER of the latest Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday and that means there is now an incredible amount of cash up for grabs as we get ready for the weekend. It looks like the next draw will be worth an estimated $379 million with a cash payout of $202.6 million!

The price of gas has been falling over the last couple of weeks. This is at least a little relief from what has been one of the most expensive years we have had. Gas and diesel prices always seem to be a good indication of what is happening with the economy. As diesel prices rise, the cost of food and other items go up as shipping costs go up. Winning the lottery would be the game changer we are all looking for.

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