There is no shortage of bad news when it comes to finances these days. Every time you hear or see the news or scroll through social media, you see someone telling you how bad the economy is and how you are likely going to go deep in to debt.

But perhaps a little positive thinking is in order? Maybe a little retail therapy can help shake off the money blues? There is an opportunity to become an overnight millionaire this week. Not only once but twice this weekend!

Both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot are soaring these days. This Friday and Saturday could me you win and get the money you have always dreamed of! That shopping spree on Fifth Avenue that you always wanted may be closer than you think.

Friday's Mega Millons draw is worth an estimated $429 million with a cash payout of $233.6 million! The Powerball draw on Saturday will be worth an estimated $149 million with the cash option of $80 million!

Love to shop? The purses, bags, shoes and jewelry that has made New York's premier shops famous could be waiting for you in a private showing if you win that kind of money! My wife and I took a trip to New York City last winter and just walking through the stores was super fun. Can you imagine if you could buy the things that only rich celebrities have??

But material things are not for everyone and this kind of money could change many lives if you decide to donate or assist local charities and foundations. It is the giving season but it is always nice to dream!

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