There is nothing ever routine when you are on live TV and WGRZ's meteorologist Patrick Hammer learned that the hard way this morning.

Hammer got a scare of a lifetime when a light in the studio burst while he was in the middle of a forecast on live TV. You know that he was spooked by the way he jumped off camera.

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The good news is that Mr. Hammer was unhurt and was able to continue with his forecast. We wonder if this was some sort of karma from people in Western New York so the snow that we got on Wednesday. (By The Way...Meteorologists don't make the weather they just report on it, so it is never their fault when we get bad weather)

If you want to see Patrick Hammer's scare jump check out this video that his co-worker Melissa Holmes posted on her Twitter page.

That beats getting snow at the end of April any day of the week.

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