I remember getting some free time at school, maybe during a homeroom period, and grabbing one of the open PC's at the library. I knew I wanted to go right to Internet Explorer.

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Over the years Internet Explorer has taken a backseat to browsers such as Google Chrome and even Firefox, and now, Internet Explorer will soon be a thing of the past.

According to Forbes, Microsoft says they will be getting rid of Internet Explorer by August 17th, 2021.

The web app for Microsoft Teams will stop supporting the latest version of Internet Explorer by November, while the rest of the apps in 365 will stop supporting the browser by next year.

Don't worry too much though, other than nostalgia, because Microsoft will be replacing Explorer with Microsoft Edge, which will have more features for users. Edge will use "chromium software," which is what Google Chrome created and uses.

Microsoft says that Edge is faster and uses less resources than Chrome.

I'm a Google Chrome user (as is most of my family and friends). I'm not surprised Internet Explorer is going away but it's a little bittersweet, since it's the first browser I used regularly.

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