Perhaps you have been outside and seen or heard a group of low-flying helicopters over the house or backyard south of Buffalo? Numerous people have reported seeing military style helicopters and a curious what's going on.

The summer heat and humidity are going to be cranking up as we wrap up the week here in New York State. Erie County has been out dropping vaccines to fight rabies in wild animals. However, when you are at the pool or at work, you may see either what looks like a pair of blackhawk helicopters and another pair that seems to be a first aid/medic helicopter.

These helicopters are not only a sight to see, they are pretty loud as they loop around the Southtowns.

It appears that many think these are involved in some sort of training mission and have even stopped for a time along the beach.

If it is not helicopters that are being reported, it is black bears! Check out this bear that was seen on a camera in the North Collins, NY area.

Get ready for what may be the hottest summer day we have seen around Buffalo and Western New York in a long time. The biggest issue will be a heat index that will dive to the 90's this afternoon.

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