Miller Lite knows what it's like to try to stream NFL football, and so they've responded accordingly with a new can that doubles as a delicious Miller Lite and a digital TV antenna.

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With most fans unable to attend games in person due to coronavirus, the beer maker has launched the "Cantenna."

According to a release from the company, more than a third of people will be trying to watch football online this year.

"Streaming live sports can get frustrating and expensive and if cord-cutters want to watch football, they're often forced to resort to sketchy, unreliable, illegal streaming," said Stephanie Clanfield, associate marketing manager, Miller Lite. "Miller Lite is determined to bring you smooth streaming and make your Miller Time a little easier with the new Miller Lite Cantenna."

To get your hands on the can, you'll have to sign up to win one at Miller's Cantenna website, which also features a really funny companion video, parodying "All My Rowdy Friends" by Hank Williams Jr, and makes fun of fans who watch games on illegal websites.

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