There is a big opportunity coming to some students and universities in New York State. Governor Hochul has announced that as much as $10 million is being set aside for a specific program that will have allow for more learning outside of the classroom.

There are 64 SUNY schools that are scattered across New York State and offer a variety of learning opportunities. However, it may be the internship program that makes the biggest impact and provides the biggest rewards to students. Most employers are looking for candidates who have some sort of on the job experience when they are hiring. Internships are the perfect way for students to get that experience.

The SUNY system will be getting financial support to help make more internships available.

Governor Hochul noted internships provide students with transformative opportunities outside classrooms to explore fields of study and gain hands-on experience before graduation.

While this could be a game changer for some SUNY students and schools, there are some who are not in favor of the cash allocation.

‘Historic investments’? More like historic rip-offs. Maybe instead of patting yourselves on the back for these token internships, start addressing the real issue: students drowning in debt thanks to inflated tuition costs and degrees that don’t pay off.

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