Exciting news came late last week of a Ferris wheel coming to Buffalo RiverWorks, located on Ganson Street, and now it's becoming more clear of the other fun things coming to the developing area.

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According to Buffalo Business First, Buffalo RiverWorks is planning on introducing a waterfront piers, ghost tours and a mini-amusement park, which will feature old rides from Fantasy Island.

The plan is for phased-in developments, according to RiverWorks founder Earl Ketry.

"It is all part of my goal to make Buffalo a regional destination and stop being a drive-through location on the way to Niagara Falls," Ketry said. "My goal is to see RiverWorks become something of an industrial Disney World on the shores of the Buffalo River."

The start of the developments begins next year, with a 92-foot-tall Ferris wheel coming too RiverWorks. The plan is for it to arrive by March and to open in late April of 2021. The documents will be submitted to the Buffalo Planning Board this fall.

Next spring, they also hope to debut a mini-amusement park, which will include four rides from Fantasy Island -- the Red Baron, Story Book Train, Circus Magagerie and Magic Ring.

If that's not enough, there's also a Jumping Jack ride that will take passengers 40 feet up in the air then drop them in a "boomerang-type" motion. There's also talks to bring locomotive and rail car to RiverWorks.

Ketry hopes to renovate the grain elevators and silos into banquet halls and event centers; along with a small hotel, indoor ropes and catwalk course.

This all sounds incredible. None of these plans are set in stone but it's clear that the plans are to transform the area around RiverWorks into a must-visit destination.

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