We're on the cusp of a brand new year. The New Year's holiday is the back-half of this weekend, which means that it will soon be back to work and reality for many people.

After horrendous weather in November and December in 2022, New York State had an extremely easy and quiet weather pattern for both months in 2023. There was hardly any significant snow to speak of and mild temperatures for most of the holiday season.

For some parts of the state, Christmas Day saw 60-degree readings, which is very rare.

January won't bring mild temperatures and lack of snow, if the long-range forecasts are any indication. It could be a very active weather pattern for the first two weeks of January, with a potential big winter storm sometime between January 10th and 12th.

Direct Weather reports that the Euro and GFS models are right now predicting a storm system to bring rain, ice and snow to New York State sometime around the 10th and 11th of January.

It's described as a "monster of a storm."

As you can see, the Euro and GFS models have roughly a foot of snow in spots off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with this system.

Again, they're model predictions and not set-in-stone forecasts. It at least paints a picture of what might transpire.

There's expected to be some minor snow before that too; from New Year's Day through the first week of January. Temperatures will be in the 30's for highs, so this is when we finally see winter show itself after being absent for December.

The snow blowers, shovels and ice scrappers could see a ton of usage over the next several weeks.

It'll be interesting to see what happens...

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