An old Tweet from 2018 has comeback and as lots of people on the Internet confused by it's math for a budget breakdown.

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This budget breakdown from CMBC was first Tweeted out back in December 2018 and it looks like many people don't agree with how the money is being split up.

One of the biggest issues that people have pointed out is the amount this person pays for the Internet. $20 per month? I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone paying that low amount for high-speed internet service. Heck, I think dial-up costs more.

Another money amount that seems a little off is the cost of a cell phone. Most people are paying well over $40 per month for their service. That is not including the cost of your phone built into your plan.

Some people also question that this person would be donating over $600 per month. While that would be awesome, I assume most 25-year-olds, let alone people in general are not donating over $5000 dollars every year.

Also, a glaring omission is payments for student loans. Most 25-year-olds have some sort of student debt if they attended college.

If these numbers are true, please introduce me to this person because I need help managing my money!


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