It seems as if we have been witnessing this back-and-forth between New York State and the Seneca Nation for some time. It has to do with the repairs that need to be made to the five-mile stretch of the I-90, that runs between the Eden/Angola and the Irving/Silver Creek exits in the southern tier in Western New York.

The thruway condition is let's face it, terrible. There are actually signs that warn vehicles of a rough road ahead and the speed limit drops to 55 mph.

Now, the latest installment came on Sunday as New York State issued a statement, saying they have not been giving permission to make repairs, according to WIVB.

"The continued lack of cooperation has created a safety risk for travelers along that stretch of the thruway that affects nation members and other motorists alike…All you have to do is grant us permission and let us fix this stretch of road — just like we fix the other 500 miles of the thruway."

The Seneca Nation responded, courtesy of WIVB.

“For years, the Seneca Nation has made every accommodation for the State to complete routine maintenance on its roadways that cross our territories. There are larger transportation infrastructure needs that need to be addressed in a comprehensive way. We have not been able to get the State to the table for those discussions.

If the State is finally ready to take its obligation to public safety seriously and come to the table to address the many transportation-related issues that exist on Seneca Territory in a comprehensive way, the Nation remains ready to have that dialogue.”

To read the full statements and the full story, visit WIVB.


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