The Erie County Department of Health is now warning residents after the West Nile virus was detected in mosquitoes in Erie County, according to WKBW.

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The Department of Health routinely tests mosquitoes in the county and discovered the virus in August.

Cases of the West Nile virus in humans are rare. Locally, there were two cases back in 2018, one in 2017, and 12 back in 2012.

The West Nile virus can be very serious, even fatal in some cases, but many people experience flu-like symptoms if they contract it.

You can prevent mosquito bites by covering exposed skin and limiting time spent outdoors at dusk and dawn. Bug spray or repellent should also be used.

Residents can also help stop mosquito breeding areas, such as standing water. Don't leave standing water out exposed for more than two days before dumping it. You can also clean clogged gutters and keep up to date on your swimming pool maintenance.

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