You've seen "hype videos" before, I'm sure.  But chances are, you've never seen anything like this.

What do you expect when you see a football hype video?  Normally they start out with a bit of a drone sound behind someone saying something inspirational.  It's a former coach or a player saying something that really gets you in the feels.  Then they suddenly move on to some incredible highlight film where you watch your team dominating another.  They're showing huge hits or incredible acrobatic catches.  It's a super long play or a pass that goes for 70 yards.

It's all the stuff that gets you, well, hyped.

This video is nothing like anything you've probably ever seen

Football has been compared to some of the ancient games that used to be played back in the day of true coliseums.  The athletes have been compared to Greek gods or athletes from back in ancient Rome.  This video is on the twitter page of "LoxGod17" and it takes your favorite players and transforms them right in front of your eyes.

Picture Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Dawson Knox as the guys you see on murals and statues from ancient times.  They morph from sculpted athletes to their current forms. That's what you're about to see.

It looks like it's just one part of a multi-video series

As the video goes on, suddenly it's transformed into a sci-fi scene where astronauts are strapping themselves to a space station as a huge meteor the size of a planet comes at them and starts to blow their ship up.

It's one of the most artistic things you might ever see.  Now, I can't wait to see what's next!

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