If you need inspiration for a costume this year chances are you're heading Google. Whether you're searching to buy or make your costume you probably want to see what out there. Because of that Google has been able to track the most searched costumes for this year.

So what are we going to be seeing Buffalo this year coming to your door and around the area? Like the national trend, Fortnite is the most searched costume in the area. Chances are you'll see it this year!

So what other costumes are we going to be seeing? Google put together the national trend list, FrightGeist.

Top 10 Googled Halloween Costumes

10) Princess

9) Rabbit

8) Pirate

7) Superhero

6) Harley Quinn

5) Witch

4) Dinosaur

3) Unicorn

2) Spider-Man

1) Fortnite

You can follow the up-to-date list and see more of the top trending costumes here with Google Trends FrightGeist.

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