Okay hate maybe a strong word seeing how I don’t really know any of these people but I think they all received too much publicity this year and are very annoying. I for one could do without any of them. Do you agree? Who would be on your list of the most hated people of 2011?

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    Casey Anthony

    Even though she was acquitted, in my heart I know she was responsible for the death of her daughter.

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    Kim Kardashian

    Actually I would include the entire Kardashian clan along with Kim’s 72 day idiot of a husband.

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    Charlie Sheen

    I really couldn’t have cared less about Charlie but then all the coverage and craziness got to me and I had to include him. Not Winning.

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    Justin Bieber

    Sorry no Bieber fever here.

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    Lindsay Lohan

    Do I need to explain?

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