I think it must have been all of the rain we had earlier this spring and summer, but the mosquitos this year have been worse than I can remember in recent years. Unless you see them land on you, you really have no idea they are on you until it's too late. I have numerous mosquito bites and they are very irritating until they go away. I found an interesting article online about mosquito myths... check out some of these myths and the truth...

It has gone around the internet for years that lemon dish soap and Listerine mouth wash repels mosquitos, however that is not the case. The most effective mosquito repellent is Deet. Deet could be very dangerous to you if is misapplied or you use too much.

Bug zappers as I used to call them growing up always watching the one at my grandparents house do kill mosquitos but also kill many other bugs and insects that eat the mosquitos. Scientists at Purdue University do advise against using bug zappers so that the other insects can eat the mosquitos.

Vitamin B can change a persons odor and could be a repellent for mosquitos according to the Mayo clinic. Garlic is not a mosquito repellent.

A study done by the University Of Florida shows that the Skin-So-Soft products and other products that contain citronella oil are only an effective repellent for 3-10 minutes.

For mosquito bites the Mayo Clinic has a remedy.. mix a tablespoon of water with a tablespoon of meat tenderizer to put on a mosquito bite for comfort. An ice pack is also another idea that can give some relief to your mosquito bites.

According to studies mosquitos do carry the West Nile virus and other potentially serious disease, do what you can to protect yourself.

Mosquitos are pests and they can cause irritation, if you have ideas for repellent that work for you please share them below! To read the full article from Yahoo! click here.