I'm going to pull out an Adam Sandler-esque Waterboy statement and say that my mom used to tell me that mosquitos liked me because I was so sweet.  Turns out, it's more than that.

Does it feel like you're always swatting at mosquitos whenever spring and summer roll around?  If you're next to a friend and they aren't getting bit and you are, you might actually be a little more attractive to them than your friend.  There might be a few things that are making you seem a little juicier to them.

According to "IFL Science!" there are at least 5 things that make you more attractive to mosquitos than your friend.

1.  Blood Type - Are you considered blood type O?  At least one study claims that this might be the reason you're getting more bites than your friend.  This is theorized that because of the sugars that are produced in your blood, you might seem a little more like a ribeye than ground hamburger.  While they wouldn't turn down a hamburger, they will always choose the ribeye first.

2.  How much are you breathing out? - I know...we all have to breathe, right?  But people who breathe out more carbon dioxide tend to be targets more often than those who don't.  The answer is because of something called maxillary palp.  You can read more about it here.

3.  Lactic acid - Been working out?  It's not the muscles they're craving...it's the lactic acid that is produced as the muscles are reproducing.  They love it!

4.  Pregnancy - Being pregnant often increases blood flow to the skin.  I mean, it's like window shopping when they see a pregnant woman.  The blood is just the other side of the skin!  Plus, remember what we said at #2?  If you're breathing out more (which tends to happen when there's another tiny human in your body), you're going to draw more mosquitos.

5.  Beer - I know...you don't want to believe it.  And this one is one of the least proven methods, but according to this study, people who were drinking beer in the experiment were more likely to experience more mosquitos landing for a tasty treat.  Maybe it's because the beer increases blood flow.  Maybe it's because they love beer.  I can't really blame them.


So if you want to avoid the blood suckers this summer, see what you can do about changing your blood type, stop breathing so much, stop working out so much, try not to get pregnant, and lay off the beer.

I'm guessing it's right about now that we should all just consider stocking up on the mosquito repellant.


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