Imagine sitting at a red light on your motorcycle joking with a couple people who are crossing the street in front of you when suddenly a car comes flying by you and hits them.  What would you do?  Would you chase after the car?  That's exactly what happened to Sisto Perez early Friday morning.

According to,  Perez was stopped at a red light in downtown Austin, TX, joking with some pedestrians that were crossing in front of him about how hard it would be to find a cab that late at night.  Then a Chevy Impala came flying by and hit them, injuring three people.  The driver of the Impala didn't stop.  He just kept right on driving.

I couldn't just sit there and watch him hit those  people and drive off," he said.

So he chased after the hit and run driver on his 1100cc Suzuki motorcycle.  Perez caught up to the driver after he crashed and detained him by hogtying him with his belt.

But the most amazing part of this story is that this isn't even the first time Perez has chased someone down.  A few months ago, he detained another drunk driver after he had hit a bicyclist.

My daddy didn't bring up cowards," he said. "A man has to step up when he needs to step up."