drunk driving

Drunk Driving
People do some dumb things.  Those things tend to multiply when we are drinking.  For example, it's a bad idea to drive a vehicle after you've been drinking.  It's also a bad idea to drive while playing with your cell phone.  Put those things together and it's a recipe for disaster...
‘I Killed a Man’
"Because I said I would" is hosting a YouTube video posted by Matthew Cordle, who says he drove drunk and killed a man over the summer.
Will Adults Ever Grow Up?
So here we have Secret Service agents acting like idiots in a foreign country and people getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking their brains out and not even remembering they ran over somebody.  I was beginning to think it was just me.  I always thought that working hard, playing by the rules, showing common courtesy and acting with class and dignity was the way you got thru life.  That'
Tragedy On Area Roadways
That  14-year old boy struck and killed by a drunk driver last Thursday is being buried today.  Death is a fact of life.  People are born.  People die.  But when you hear about such unnecessary deaths I always ask why.   A 23-year old guy drinks six beers in a local tavern, gets in his SUV and snuffs out the life of a boy riding his bicycle.
Zamboni Driver Charged With Driving Drunk
The driver of an ice resurfacing Zamboni was charged with drunk driving after he was found to have a blood alcohol level of o.32 percent, four times over the legal limit in the state of Minnesota.  Witnesses say they watched him swivel and swerve all over the ice and bounce off the walls.  What normally would take 10 minutes to resurface the ice took about a half hour.
Motorcyclist Chases Down Hit And Run Suspect
Imagine sitting at a red light on your motorcycle joking with a couple people who are crossing the street in front of you when suddenly a car comes flying by you and hits them.  What would you do?  Would you chase after the car?  That's exactly what happened to Sisto Perez early Friday morning.
Dog Rescued Half Mile Off Coastline [VIDEO]
This is an unbelievable story and its worth reading and watching!  If you didn't hear about this already....check it out! A fisherman was in his kayak off the coast of Siesta Key, Florida, going about his business when a stray, but collared dog swam up to him.  After bringing the dog (Barney) onto the kayak, the man noticed that the dog was shaking a lot and had a couple of wounds. The fisherman e