So here we have Secret Service agents acting like idiots in a foreign country and people getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking their brains out and not even remembering they ran over somebody.  I was beginning to think it was just me.  I always thought that working hard, playing by the rules, showing common courtesy and acting with class and dignity was the way you got thru life.  That's what I was taught.  I was afraid those were just old fashioned ideals that just didn't apply anymore.  So I was happy to see there are at least a few people who agree with me.

I came across an article dealing with adult immaturity.  It's everywhere these days.  Being responsible is out - the perpetual teenager is in.  The way some people act, dress and talk isn't anything close to the way adults are supposed to conduct themselves.   Columnist Lori Borgman reveals all the ways you can remain a perpetual adolescent.   I wish I wrote it myself because I completely agree.

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