The news broke on Wednesday that at least 38 new cases of COVID_19 were found in Eden.

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According to reports, officials say all 38 cases have been traced back to one infection source, but they're not saying what that source was. The county did announce the risk of community transmission from the new infections is believed to be very low.
This comes as many of us are anxious about what the next couple of weeks and fall will bring.

As schools are trying to establish a plan to keep kids, teachers and staff safe while also making sure they get a good education in the current pandemic. Our family has been waiting to see what the districts will do. We have a four year old son who is going to be starting Pre-K this fall. For kids like him, they may never know what the regular school day used to be. The new normal of learning may only be online or a hybrid form of education.

Regardless, when a story breaks about COVID-19 infections in a town nearby, it makes all of us a little uneasy. New York seems to have done a good job of minimizing the infection rate and effectively controlling the spread. Let's hope the fall brings the same.

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