How much do celebrities have to take before they get a "pass" to "lose it?"  Tony Stewart put that question to the test the other night.

Tony Stewart is probably going to be a NASCAR Hall of Famer some day.  So should he be held to a higher standard?

He was in Jackson, Minnesota the other night when he lost his temper with a guy who was heckling him.

Earlier in the night, Stewart's engine blew one lap into a sprint car race that he was participating in.  He still decided to come out and sign some autographs for fans that came out to see him race that night.  But he might have been better off to just stay in instead.

While signing the autographs, a guy starts yelling at him for "quitting" the race.  It goes on for a little while but then Stewart and his heckler start flipping each other off.  Then Stewart decides he's had enough and he goes right after the guy.


I hope it was worth it for him.  You can bet that there will be a lawsuit in there somewhere...

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