Miranda Lambert Dumps A Salad On Lady After Argument
Maybe they had it coming to them. A guy was beefing with Miranda Lambert and her crew after a night out at a Steakhouse in Nashville on Sunday.
Miranda Lambert was out to dinner with her mom and a family friend and when Miranda's male family-friend went to the bathroom, a guy star…
Protesters Dragged Out of Buffalo Donald Trump Rally [VIDEO]
Tonight I attended the Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Buffalo, NY, at First Niagara Center! Moments after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump took the podium, several protesters began to make noise. A group of anti-Trump individuals locked arms and sat on the ground directly in front of t…
Immediately Regrets It
I'm not exactly sure how fighting became acceptable in hockey but sometimes it's the most exciting part of the game.  Refs are supposed to be there to keep order and break up the fights - not be a part of them.
Perfect takedown
The annual St. Patrick's Day parades took place over the weekend and Buffalo police report that there were very few incidents.  Although there were about 10 arrests, with over 80,000 people in attendance, that's pretty good.  Here's one of them.
15 Players Suspended after Insane Women's Basketball Fight
All hell broke loose during a Southwestern Athletic Conference women's basketball game featuring Southern and Texas Southern. The brawl took place with a little over 12 minutes left to play in the second half. This fight was like something out of the movie Slap Shot and featured sucker pun…
[VIDEO] Walden Galleria Mall Fight!
WARNING NSFW. Tonight at the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, a brawl broke out in the halls and even made its way right into one of the stores. 5 arrests were made and no weapons were used. Watch this insane footage captured by cell phone.
Fans Fight!
For some Buffalo Bills fans, the high of a huge win at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park came to a quick halt as some didn't even make it to their cars before Bills + Packers fans started fighting.
It didn't look like anyone was arrested, but typical after-math after a booze-filled crowd…

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