We all know the Sabres are on the struggle bus. It is not good. It's brutal. We all know it.

Dylan Cozens, the 20 year old, seventh overall pick by the Sabres in the 2019 NHL Draft, tossed some nice right handers to Ryan Lindgren of the New York Rangers, but social media was all over it of course. I couldn't help but think it was comical all of the people saying the fight was firing up the Sabres. We have heard some of the team mention in pressers that they needed something, such as a fight to get them going, but we are not sure that it ACTUALLY got them going.

They had 5 shots on goal in the 3rd period.

Kyle Okposo after the game said:

He knows how to play the game. His maturity level for a 20 year old is off the charts, and he’s only going to get better...

I think that’s the most fired up we’ve been all season. He’s got that old school hockey in him.

Most they have been fired up all season? No kidding?

The Buffalo Sabres dropped their fourth straight game after losing to the New York Rangers and have fallen to 6-11-3.

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