From now on, do not say “break a leg” to Eric Church before a show. At his show in Greensboro North Carolina, he slipped on the stage while singing “Desperate Man.” What a pro though, Church just kept on going, and never stopped singing.

Jimmie Allen was a struggling artist when he came to Nashville, living in his car. So what prevented him from ever giving up? Allen spoke to People magazine, saying, "I have younger and older siblings.  My thing was, 'I know my little sisters are looking up to me.'  The [fear] of them giving up on their dreams because I gave up on mine frightened me. That's really kept me going even on the days of living in the car and not eating and working two or three jobs at once.  I used to get excited waking up thinking, 'Today could be the day I get an email or a phone call.' Ten years later, it changed."

George Strait released a new song from his upcoming album “Honky Tonk Time Machine,” out on March 29th. It’s called “The Weight Of The Badge.”

Midland debuted two new songs at South By Southwest in Austin over the weekend. One of the songs, called “Mr. Lonely,” will be released as a single in the next couple of weeks, and both songs will be on their upcoming second album, out this August.

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