Reba McEntire has some advice for people who want to be a country music star. She told PBS Newshour, “You have to stay away from home a lot. You have to leave your kids home with a nanny. You have to say no to a lot of great things that you would get to do at home and with family. Like missing your kid's championship hockey game. You can't be there because you're shooting a movie in L.A. A lot of that stuff."

When asked if she regrets anything she said, "You can't look back. You can't live on regrets."

Luke Bryan and his wife Carolyn proved that they can take the heat, when they stayed in their smoky kitchen while grilling in the house. They posted a video to Instagram, and it’s pretty funny. As someone who regularly sets off the smoke alarm while cooking, I can totally relate.

Jennifer Nettles has been working on her music career lately, but she told Taste of Country she’s itching to get back into acting, saying, "I grew up doing theater. I did it all through school and all through college and it has been a place and a home to which I had wanted to return for quite a while."

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