While the season is still underway for the Bills, some teams are already on the lookout for next year's coaches.

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They say the early bird gets the worm, and in the case of coaches, the earlier you start looking, the earlier you will be able to get a system in place and start looking forward to your next season.

The coaching carousel is underway already around the NFL.  It does seem like you hear many of the same names over and over again year after year because when they get let go from one team, they're almost immediately scooped up by another.

While some teams are looking for the next undiscovered coaching talent, some just love the big names.  Coaches like Sean Payton, Lovie Smith, and Frank Reich are all looking for new homes.  While coordinators like Dan Quinn, Lezlie Frazier, and Eric Bieniemy are names still being thrown around as head coaching candidates.

Nathaniel Hackett was the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills during the Doug Marone years.  In fairness, the quarterbacks of those teams were EJ Manuel, Thad Lewis, and Jeff Tuel.

Most recently he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos in what turned out to be an incredibly over-hyped year.  They underachieved what people were expecting of them...by a lot.

However, the New York Jets are kicking the tires on Hackett.

The Jets and their former offensive coordinator Matt LeFleur "mutually parted ways" as of last Thursday.

They will need to do something to develop their young quarterback.  Zac Wilson was chosen 2nd overall in the 2021 draft and so far has looked like a bit of a bust.  By the end of last year, he was playing backup to Mike White.

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