In Buffalo, the name Billy Buffalo is recognizable.  But do people from other parts of the country know who he is?

Who is Billy Buffalo?

Its not uncommon for sports teams to have mascots.  They often walk around in the crowd and do their best to pump people up, take a picture with the kids, or be part of a giveaway contest on the jumbotron.  In Buffalo, Billy Buffalo is our guy.

His real name is William "Billy" the Buffalo. He's actually around 8 feet tall and he's the official mascot of the Buffalo Bills.

How long has Billy Buffalo been around?

It's hard to believe that Billy Buffalo hasn't always been part of the Bills Mafia.  He only joined the team in the year 2000.  It was 18 years later that he took the shape that he has now.  The new Billy Buffalo was unveiled in 2018 and was meant to be more kid-friendly.

Billy has been named one of the most memorable in the NFL

The betting site ranked all of the mascots in the world using a survey that was done on a quiz website called Sporcle. They showed them the mascot and asked if they remembered who they were.  On this list, Billy was considered the 4th most memorable mascot in the NFL!

The best part is that he came in ahead of Pat the Patriot in the rankings

The most memorable mascot was the Las Vegas Raiders' mascot Raider Rusher.  Also ahead of Billy was the Los Angeles Chargers mascot "Boltman" and the Arizona Cardinals mascot "Big Red."

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