Blue Cheese is finally getting its day! After being forgotten by Frank's Red Hot Sauce when celebrating wings redemption is in sight!

Monday will be full of ways to honor the sacred Blue Cheese! The Electric Tower will be lit up in Blue from Sunday at midnight till Monday at midnight. Local restaurants will have amazing specials in honor of Blue Cheese and Blue Cheese will be honored!

Monday night at Coca-Cola Field the Bisons will not only celebrate ALL blue cheese, but they will be celebrating THE Blue Cheese. From bobbing for wings in Blue Cheese to getting rid of your ranch, Monday night will be full of blue cheesiness.  Blue Cheese will be inducted into the Buffalo Wing Hall of Fame and have the race of its life when it takes on Celery, Carrot, Chicken wing and Roast Beef on Weck in the famed WCC Race between the 5th and 6th inning!


Listen, ranch is out there and can't be denied but it can be donated! For one-night Coca-Cola Field will be holding a Ranch Dressing Amnesty Day, where citizens of WNY can dispose of all unwanted Ranch Dressing at the ballpark Monday night. Bins will be set up at the entrances and anyone who donates a bottle of ranch dressing or a nonperishable food item will receive a FREE ticket to the game with the purchase of one ticket.

Drew Cerza
Drew Cerza

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